How to Draw Your Own Kawaii with Proven Step-by-step Method

Tatyana Deniz

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How to draw kawaii succulents

Master the Art and Science of Drawing Kawaii in 21 Days

Learn to draw your own unique kawaii characters in minutes and find your unique style, even if you don't think you are good at drawing.

What will I learn in 21 days?

You’ll learn how to draw your own unique kawaii characters. We’ll break it down into quick and easy, step-by-step tutorials. Here’s what you’ll do for 15 minutes each day, for 21 days.

DAY 1: Faces & Expressions
DAY 2: Body Shapes
DAY 3: Drawing Game – Kawaii Dice 1.0
DAY 4: Drawing Game – Hot Choc & Marshmallows
DAY 5: Hands
DAY 6: Feet
DAY 7: Drawing Game – Kawaii Dice 2.0
DAY 8: Poses
DAY 9: Drawing Game – Shelfie
DAY 10: Textures
DAY 11: Decorate Characters with Textures
DAY 12: Use Textures in a Real Life Example
DAY 13: Outlines on Characters
DAY 14: Outlines on Doodle Artwork
DAY 15: Decorations
DAY 16: Decorate an Artwork
DAY 17: Drawing Game – Kawaii Dice 3.0
DAY 18: Learn to Create Doodle Designs
DAY 19: Learn to Create Pattern Designs
DAY 20: Drawing Game – Draw What You See
DAY 21: Turn Photos into Drawings

And at the end of 21 days, you’ll have the skills, your own reference sheets – and the confidence you need to draw your own kawaii characters.

How to Draw Kawaii - Step-by-step Course

Wow! This course is presented so professionally, and in such a fun way. I like how it’s chunked into manageable activities. I always get stuck on drawing faces and body shapes, so it’s nice to have an inventory in the back pocket. I am no longer stuck for ideas. Thank you Tatyana!

—Helena Nyssen

How is this course run?

The course is run through worksheets you can print out and follow.

  • 21 lessons in 21 days (but you can jump to any lesson)
  • 15 minutes a day for each lesson (just over 5 hours over 21 days – more if you want, of course)
  • Clear step-by-step instructions and worksheets for each lesson (over 30 worksheets and games in total)
  • Focus on one skill of drawing kawaii in each lesson
  • Lessons build on each other in skill and difficulty
  • Each lesson is achievable
  • In most lessons you’ll finish a drawing (so you can quickly share it on social media!)

How to Draw Kawaii - Step-by-step Course to Learn Kawaii in 21 Days

Cynthia MarinakosTatyana’s course has opened up the world of drawing to me. Especially the lesson about how all drawings are based on basic shapes we can all draw.

I loved being guided with step-by-step instructions. Feeling like I could draw something awesome every day. I was so proud and excited to actually draw something that looked like something! I recommend this course to anyone who’s ever wanted to draw. Thank you so much for the gift of drawing Tatyana! 🙂 It has changed my life.

—Cynthia Marinakos

Will I get any support?

Definitely. I am with you every step of the way.

  • Private Facebook community: You’ll be added to an active exclusive Facebook group, where you can share your drawings with the community, and ask questions of me – and the group.
  • Email support for 6 months: If you get really stuck (or are really keen to learn more) you can email me for 6 months after purchase.

What do I need for the kawaii course?

  • Time: 15 – 30 mins a day for 3 weeks
  • Drawing materials: 2 black pens (thin and thick), pencil, eraser, scissors, tracing paper, worksheets (will be supplied, just print out)
  • Optional: Colouring supplies, if you want to colour your drawings (note: colour is not covered in this course)
  • No experience
  • Loads of enthusiasm and a sense of fun

About Your Kawaii Course Creator

Tatyana Deniz - How to Draw Kawaii InstructorHi, I’m Tatyana Deniz. I live and breathe kawaii drawings.

But it wasn’t always that way.

I grew up in an environment where drawing was considered an elite skill, available only to those “born with it”.

Even though I didn’t have drawing lessons, I wanted to draw so much!!

So you see, my love for art began long before my kawaii drawing journey began.

It wasn’t until I was 29 that I began my formal training in art. My formal credentials include:

  • Multimedia Design Degree from Billy Blue College of Design (Sydney)
  • Full-time study at Julian Ashton Art School (Sydney)

Learning kawaii for 6 months was a huge commitment – but I loved every second of it. And putting my tutorials on my website – teaching kawaii to others – accelerated my learning.

Since I then I’ve spent the past two years drawing, learning, and teaching kawaii.

From these tutorials, I’ve taken on board feedback and gradually refined my guides to make sure they are clear and easy to follow. I know they work because I get comments like these:

“I love all of your drawings”

“I love everything you do! You are helping me a lot with drawing! My friends are wowed now because YOU helped me draw. Thanks so much Tatyana Deniz!”

“How wonderful and inspiring you are! This is sooo cool! I’d love to be able to do this…I love the way you have explained everything…xxx…”

The enthusiasm and dedication from my kawaii drawing followers inspired me to do more.

I’ve always wanted to create a course which captures all I’ve learnt so far – so here it is. Learn kawaii in 21 days. So you can draw kawaii much faster than I took!

I promise it will work (I’ve taught myself to do it, and I’ve taught others to do it).

So go on, discover your inner artist. Your kawaii characters are waiting to be released into the world!